Sole Travels To The Dark Side and Launches Kickstarter Campaign
Sole Travels To The Dark Side and Launches Kickstarter Campaign
Let your light shine in this surreal, exploratory adventure (batteries ARE included)
Posted: 08/09/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Gossamer Games | Publisher: To be Determined | Platform: Android, Ios, Windows, Mac

Gossamer Games is a small independent development studio located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Founded in 2015, the group features Creative Director Tom Sharpe, Artists Nina DeLucia and Vincent De Tommaso, and composer Nabeel Ansari. Their stated mission is “to make universally-accessible games that explore complex thoughts and feelings through play.”

Their first game, Sole, began as an undergraduate college project and has continued to evolve over the last two years. It was recently on display as part of the 2017 Smithsonian American Art Museum (SAAM) Arcade. At present, a full alpha version has been developed and design is underway for five levels. To expedite the development process, Gossamer has just launched a Kickstarter Campaign with the goal of raising $15,000 by early September.

Sole is described as “an abstract aesthetic-driven adventure game.” You are a source of light and your quest is to explore a dark world. Gossamer states that this game is “built on the feeling of wandering through the dark trying to figure out who you are, where you are, and what your purpose is.” Gameplay will be similar to the experienced offered by such titles as Proteus and The Unfinished Swan.

Sole promises a haunting original music score that complements the stylized artwork and the story will be told in pictures, not words. This game is about feeling rather than doing. Your quest will be to illuminate the darkness and, in doing so, uncover the remains of an ancient civilization. As you traverse the surreal landscape of Sole, you leave a trail of light and life in your wake. Looking at the trailer, it is apt to be of most interest to those who enjoy experiential (rather than story-driven) adventures.

It's anticipated that the game will be released in Spring 2018 on Windows PC, Mac, iOS and Andriod. To follow Sole's progress, check the Gossamer Games website .

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