Please Knock on My Door and It Will Open on Sept 7th
Please Knock on My Door and It Will Open on Sept 7th
Expand your personal horizons with this socially relevant adventure
Posted: 08/12/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Levall Games AB | Publisher: Levall Games AB | Platform: Windows

Gaming with a Heart

Levall Games is a small indie team based in Karlshamn, Sweden. The group seeks to “create products inspired by contemporary issues, aiming to shine a light on challenging topics using the explorative aspects of digital games and interactive experiences.” They have tackled the difficult reality of life with depression and social anxiety in the game Please Knock on My Door, which launches September 7th for Windows on Steam  and Origin. Over 3 years in the making, this appears to be a deeply personal project for Levall Games. As one developer notes, “I truly believe that through entertainment, we are able to understand topics that would otherwise be too foreign for us.”

Levall Games is not the first to tackle a tough social issue using gaming as a vehicle. Earlier this year, Platonic Partnerships portrayed the impact of addiction on the family in Lydia.  While serious topics may not be entertaining in the traditional sense, it is important for all of us to try and understand the world from another’s point of view. Games like Please Knock on My Door and Lydia have important stories to tell for those gamers willing to take their thrill-seeker hats off and turn up the setting on their ability to empathize.

A Day in the Life of Someone Else  

Please Knock on My Door is a 2D “top down” adventure that spends time with a character living with depression and social anxiety. It was written and designed by Michael Levall and features a soundtrack by Ola Backstrom. Artwork was created by Henrik Giang and Christopher Levalli.

The game will be driven by dialog and player choices that impact the outcome of story. It will be fully narrated, with multiple endings. Instead of saving the world, your job will be trying to save the day for a person who is suffering.

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