Stable Orbit to Achieve Full Launch Status September 27th
Stable Orbit to Achieve Full Launch Status September 27th
Get ready to build a space station and do lots of other fun outer-space things in this space management sim
Posted: 09/18/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Codalyn | Publisher: Green Man Gaming | Platform: Linux, Windows, Mac

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Stable Orbit Arrives on Early Access - October 16, 2016 

Green Man Gaming and Codalyn have announced that after having spent a year in Early Access, their realistic space management sim Stable Orbit is poised to make a full launch September 27th.

Be responsible for the design and construction of a space station while supervising a full crew and keeping everyone safe. Space is a dangerous place, and you'll face your share of adversity. You'll be managing scarce resources and completing research projects in order to fund the station's growth. Thin walls will be all that separate you from suffocation, radiation poisoning and boiling blood.

During the game's stint in Early Access, developer Codalyn (helmed by Jim Offerman of Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Tomb Raider repute) has listened to players and added features based on their feedback. Upon release, the game will be updated to version 1.0 with such additions as strategic orbital management; disasters, including meteor strikes & airlock failures; and a sandbox mode to allow free-form creation of the mother of all space stations.

Beginning September 27th, discover what sort of Station Commander you'll be and whether or not your crew will be able to rely on you as Stable Orbit blasts off. The game is to be released on Windows, Mac and Linux. And BTW...if you accept this mission, failure is not an option.

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