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  • Indie developer Phantom 8 Studio brings us a mix of stealth and combat
    This represents a preview of Past Cure from Berlin-based indie developer Phantom 8 Studio. It's the
    02/07/18 | Preview | by Karla Munger
  • Bob Washburne shares his first impressions of the upcoming point-and-click adventure (VR support included)
    White Lotus Interactive is releasing its crowdfunded adventure game Xing: The Land Beyond this Thurs
    09/18/17 | Preview | by Bob Washburne
  • If you love horror as much as I do, I suggest you play this genuinely scary demo without delay. When The Land of Pain is released, you can bet I'll be there.
    Genre: First-person survival horrorExpected release date: 2017Demo released: May 31, 2017
    07/23/17 | Preview | by Karla Munger
  • Created by Ron Gilbert & Gary Winnick © 2014-2016 Terrible Toybox, Inc 15,623 backers pledged $626,250 to help bring this project to life
    Well, folks, here she comes! Legendary Lucas Arts adventure game designer Ron Gilbert (Maniac Mansio
    03/21/17 | Preview | by Greg Collins
  • Just as things were starting to get surreal and interesting, I reached the end of the beta and found myself wanting more—which is just what a teaser should do
    Genre: Horror-themed mystery with FMV Expected release date: April 2017 Ever fancied your
    02/25/17 | Preview | by Bailey James
  • So far, despite encountering some bumps, Final Fantasy XV has been an absolute joy to play
    Genre: RPGRelease date: November 29, 2016 After ten years, the most anticipated RPG of th
    12/18/16 | Preview | by Ian Sims
  • With a beautiful pixel art style and gameplay that forces players to make decisions they normally wouldn’t make, Beat Cop is definitely a game to look out for
    Genre: Adventure, SimulationRelease date: Spring 2017 Things aren’t looking good for De
    10/25/16 | Preview | by Kyle Brown
  • A short-but-sweet return to the classic type of point-and-click adventure that I enjoyed in the late 1990s
    Genre: Point-And-Click AdventureRelease date: September 11, 2016 A Return to the Classics
    10/22/16 | Preview | by Cindy Kyser
  • The Alpha shows promise of a game that will be interesting and fun to play, even if there is no Joy involved!
    Genre: Action, AdventureRelease date: July 26, 2016Review Platform: PC The Alpha but
    08/07/16 | Preview | by Cindy Kyser
  • A quirky space adventure that combines old-school puzzle logic with unusual graphics and an unlikely hero
    Genre: Point-and-Click Adventure Release date: Early 2017 A Little Less Desperation is a forth
    06/13/16 | Preview | by Bailey James
  • The build I played gave a peek into the genuine talent that is KeokeN Interactive.
    Genre: Action/AdventureRelease date: TBD One of the most exciting aspects of present day adven
    01/29/16 | Preview | by Cindy Kyser
  • My first look at the story-driven adventure from Unbound Creations has left me quite impressed
    Karaski: What Goes Up... is a very clever game. Its narrative is billed as open-ended, non-linear an
    12/11/15 | Preview | by Karla Munger
  • Wales Interactive's first-person puzzler Soul Axiom proves there's still room for challenging adventures of the old school, Myst variety.
    Genre: Puzzle AdventureRelease date: May 22, 2015 Though third-person licensed adventure/stories ha
    08/25/15 | Preview | by Neilie Johnson
  • I don’t know what your chances of getting your wife back alive are, but chances are good that players will enjoy this adventure game.
    As we speak, Specialbit Studios is trying to get The Last Dream greenlit on Steam; but I’ve just f
    08/05/15 | Preview | by Greg Collins
  • A first look at the mystery/horror adventure developed for PC by Luminy Studios in collaboration with the Ice House Indie Artist's Collective
    In 2008, Luminy Studios released a short game called Bloodwood. It was free. Bloodwood Reload repre
    06/06/15 | Preview | by Karla Munger
  • Seamlessly expands the 2012 narrative, adding more characters, locations, puzzles and of course, adventure.
    Point-and-click adventure Anna's Quest is due later this year, but there's a reason the game's name
    06/03/15 | Preview | by Neilie Johnson
  • The strength of this horror adventure beta from indie developer Imaginary Game Studio lies in its puzzles, but the overall game will need more polish before its final release
    Perturbia, in its current state, is a flawed indie horror/adventure game featuring excellent puzzles
    03/06/15 | Preview | by Kyle Brown
  • Overall, I enjoyed Deathtrap much more than I expected to. The magnitude of content is impressive; there are tons of different combinations of traps and upgrades with which to experiment.
    Genre: Tower Defense with strong RPG elements Release Date: October 22, 2014 (Early Access); Fe
    01/05/15 | Preview | by Kemal Ure
  • The story, in short, still remains engaging and entertaining, but I spent about half my playing time battling a couple of major bugs. I still say those interested should wait for the full release in January.
    Part four of The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 is primarily the ongoing saga of the Game of Unsquashed B
    12/22/14 | Preview | by Greg Collins
  • Proving a worthy successor to the first two games in the series.
    Where we left off For those of you who have been following along with the story thus far (that is,
    11/15/14 | Preview | by Greg Collins
  • Second Kickstarter campaign has just launched and Jeff takes a look at the demo. The game has all the looks of turning into a beautiful adventure if funded this time around.
    The Story Eccentric inventor Dr. Edwin Lupin has invented one of science’s holy grails – a time
    11/13/14 | Preview | by Jeffry Houser
  • Wilbur, Ivo, Nate and Critter are back — well, they’re not yet all the way back. First look at Book of Unwritten Tales 2 Early Access by Greg Collins.
    Wilbur, Ivo, Nate and Critter are back — well, they’re not yet all the way back, but they’re o
    09/14/14 | Preview | by Greg Collins
  • Scott Alan provides a first look at the Gabriel Knight remake with an overview of the preview build covering days 1 and 2 of the game. The 20th Anniversary Edition releases today!
    Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers originally debuted more than 20 years ago in December of 1993; c
    08/26/14 | Preview | by Scott Alan
  • A first look at the upcoming point-and-click throwback to classic adventure games of yesteryear
    A preview of the game CastleAbra flittered across my desk and into the review pile recently. CasleA
    05/20/13 | Preview | by Jeffry Houser
  • Jeffry Houser shares his initial impression of the old-school Adventure/RPG hybrid from Himalaya Studios
    Trailer, Screens, Info - December 24, 2013 Himalaya Studios is the commercial arm of Tierra Enterta
    03/03/13 | Preview | by Austin
  • A dark tale of beggars disappearing and reappearing burnt alive...who will step forward to solve this bizarre and twisted mystery? How about an amnesiac and two philanthropists?
    Due Date: March 2012  Not having had an opportunity to play Pendulo Studios' earlier adventures,
    02/03/12 | Preview | by Greg Collins
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