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  • Weeks after the final episode dropped I’m still dwelling on these characters
    Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure Release date: October 20, 2015 After many, many months of wai
    12/21/15 | Review | by Bailey James
  • The game has made a number of subtle changes from Chapter 1, but those changes make all the difference
    Genre: Casual Adventure Release date: December 3, 2015 The King’s Quest series was my first intro
    12/18/15 | Review | by Jeffry Houser
  • Eight diamonds have been stolen from the mining exhibit at the World's Fair and it is up to you to find them in this challenging adventure game.
    Note: Review was originally posted July 27, 2004 Genre: Interactive Fiction Release Date: 
    12/17/15 | Review | by Ricardo Pautassi
  • What's supposed to be a relaxing, casual affair for Broken Sword fanatics ends up being just the opposite
    Genre: Casual/Adventure Release date: December 8, 2015 I found myself excited to play History in Le
    12/15/15 | Review | by Randall Rigdon
  • A well-made and intelligently written casual adventure with an intriguing and touching story.
    Genre: Casual Adventure Release date: December 3, 2015 A few months back I previewed The Last Dream
    12/15/15 | Review | by Greg Collins
  • BloodRayne is the unoriginal story of a half-human/half-vampire female who has been bred to eliminate global threats.
    Note: This review was originally posted on March 18, 2003 Genre: Action/Adventure ESRB Rating: (M)a
    12/10/15 | Review | by Randy Sluganski
  • The visuals are fantastic and the story is top-notch. The new game engine delayed Book 4's release, but it was worth the wait.
    Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure Release date: December 3, 2015 When playing episodic games, it get
    12/06/15 | Review | by Jeffry Houser
  • A worthy teaser/lead-in for Nigel's next adventure The Last Crown: Blackenrock
    Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure Release date: October 29, 2015 Jonathan Boakes is well known for d
    12/03/15 | Review | by Bob Washburne
  • Recaptures the humor and action of the first episode and finally begins to expand the universe in meaningful ways
    Genre: Horror Adventure Release date: September 21, 2015 After the debacle that was Minecraft Story
    12/02/15 | Review | by Ian Sims
  • Loch Ness is a mild, solid, atmospheric and entertaining bit of manna from heaven for the adventure faithful
    Note: This review was originally posted on January 29, 2002 Wanadoo's Loch Ness is a trad
    12/02/15 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • If you’re in the market for a mobile puzzle game, Leonardo’s Cat is a sure-fire bet
    Genre: Platform, Puzzle Release date: November 3, 2015 In a marketplace flooded with cheap, slapdas
    11/29/15 | Review | by Bailey James
  • ...I can’t imagine anyone leaving Bioshock disappointed. I was particularly fond of it after seeing its early, uncanny resemblance to The Shining, one of my favorite films of all time.
    Note: Review was originally published July 10, 2008 Genre: Action/ Adventure Release Date: Septembe
    11/26/15 | Review | by Troy Merrick
  • The presentation, story, and voice acting are extremely well done, but the gameplay mars the experience.
    Genre: Side-Scrolling RPG Release date: May 7, 2015 The holiday season has arrived and that means i
    11/25/15 | Review | by Randall Rigdon
  • Anzumani’s Arising will take you on a journey back in time to the 1980s, a time when no one was yet sure what an adventure game was
    Genre: RPG Adventure / Dungeon Crawler Release date: 2012 Anzumani’s Arising (the FREE adventure
    11/23/15 | Review | by Greg Collins
  • Plunge into a conspiracy world where a mad drug kingpin's schemes and the prophesied return of an ancienet Mayan god clash in what could be the end of mankind
    Release Date: 1997Platform:  PC, PSX Note: Review was originally posted September 21, 1999 
    11/19/15 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • What sets Nevermind apart is the optional use of a heart monitor. But even without it, Nevermind is a very good, professionally-made game that's fun to play.
    Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure / Psychological Horror Release date: September 29, 2015 In Nevermi
    11/13/15 | Review | by Bob Washburne
  • Angel of Darkness does not branch out into new areas, but rather delivers a solid new Tomb Raiding experience
    Note: Review was originally posted July 22, 2003 Lara Croft is back. Many people wonder if that is
    11/12/15 | Review | by Scott Jelinek
  • The story is engaging, environments and dialogues are well-done and the puzzles are fun to solve
    Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure Release date: July 14, 2015 Like many adventure gamers, I've becom
    11/11/15 | Review | by Kemal Ure
  • A game with staying power, both in the nightmares it will cause and the lingering questions it demands players to confront
    Genre: Horror Adventure Release date: September 21, 2015 Any horror-loving PC gamer who devoured Am
    11/06/15 | Review | by Bailey James
  • Dreamcatcher's Beyond Time is a lovely first-person game that allows you to travel to ancient Egypt, Tikal, Tibet, and (where else?) Atlantis. It's a perfect way to spend a few hours of pleasant deja vu.
    Note: Review was first posted October 12, 1999 Release Date: March 1998 One of the nice things abou
    11/05/15 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • A game filled with intelligent puzzles, difficult platforming and a beautifully stylized world
    Genre: Platformer Release date: October 28, 2015 The development of Albert & Otto is a bit
    11/04/15 | Review | by Ian Sims
  • Creative and disturbing, it gives the player a truly wild ride to an unsettling conclusion
    Genre: First Person Escape/ Survival Release date: September 15, 2015 “There are things known and
    11/02/15 | Review | by Cindy Kyser
  • A mystery-adventure for PC/Windows that's free but flawed
    Genre: Mystery-Adventure Release date: October 31, 2015 (Zodiac Store,, Game Jolt); Novembe
    10/31/15 | Review | by Karla Munger
  • Once the episode begins to delve into new material, credits roll??
    Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure GameRelease date: October 27, 2015 Telltale shocked us a
    10/29/15 | Review | by Ian Sims
  • After my first playthrough of 80 Days I couldn't wait to play it again!
    Genre: Visual Novel Adventure GameRelease date: September 28, 2015 "All of my plans were
    10/29/15 | Review | by Kyle Brown
  • Y2K is quite short, but I had a good time playing it. If there had been more to it, I would have given it a higher grade
     Note: Review was originally posted June 17, 1999 Here's a nifty little gumdrop of a game. It
    10/29/15 | Review | by Ray Ivey
  • Beautiful but flawed.
    Genre: Point-And-Click AdventureRelease date: September 30, 2015 Armikrog is one of the cooles
    10/27/15 | Review | by Jeffry Houser
  • Not only is this the shortest game I have ever played, but it is also the most dumbed-down
    It is a proven fact that action gamers are suckers for eye candy at the expense of plot and theme. M
    10/22/15 | Review | by Randy Sluganski
  • For Telltale fans, Story Mode is more of the same winning formula; for Minecraft fans it’s an enjoyable interpretation that has the potential for greatness.
    Genre: Point-And-Click AdventureRelease date: October 13, 2015 Telltale Games has become the m
    10/21/15 | Review | by Ian Sims
  • A short “walking simulator” that attempts to psychoanalyze a game developer. Quite deep.
    Genre: Walking SimulatorRelease date: October 1, 2015 “Trust the art, never the artist.
    10/15/15 | Review | by Bob Washburne
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