Consortium: The Tower is Now Accessible Via Early Access
Consortium: The Tower is Now Accessible Via Early Access
In this crowdfunded sci-fi RPG from Interdimensional Games, your choices shape the narrative
Posted: 09/22/17 | Category: News | Platform: Windows

More info:
Consortium: The Tower to Launch on Kickstarter - January 17, 2016 

As Consortium agent Bishop Six, rescue hostages from Churchill Tower -- an immense skyscraper in the heart of London -- in the year 2042 in this sequel to 2014's Consortium. The tower, still under construction, has experienced "incidents of malfunctioning builder nanites."

While most of the tower has been evacuated, terrorists are holding the remaining civilians captive. The rescue mission is fairly straightforward, but you're free to approach the situation in any way you see fit. Also, you can choose to forgo the game's combat and talk your way through the entire game.

You needn't have played the original Consortium in order to enjoy Consortium: The Tower. Currently in Alpha v1.0 status, the game is now available for Windows on Steam Early Access.

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