Bloom: Prelude Opens Its Petals to Reveal an Early-Look Demo
Bloom: Prelude Opens Its Petals to Reveal an Early-Look Demo
The action-adventure RPG Bloom: Memories from Studio Fawn has changed course since its inception
Posted: 10/02/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Studio Fawn | Platform: Linux, Windows, Mac

I first covered Bloom: Memories in 2013. At that time, both Kickstarter and Greenlight campaigns were in progress.

Subsequently, there was a falling out with Steam. For details, see this page  .

It was decided that a portion of Bloom Memories would be split off and become a free 2-4 hour lead-in game called Bloom: Prelude. Prelude was originally a Kickstarter stretch goal. The demo can be downloaded here. Although rough, it will give players an idea of where the game is headed.

Discovering interactions and learning about the various creatures as you navigate the world is really at the core of what Bloom is trying to be.

Players always have the option to rampage their way through the game (as many RPGs have you do), but those that take a bit of time to look under the surface will find much more.

Bloom: Prelude is to be released on Windows, Mac and Linux. Note that the game will work best with a controller. Additional information appears on the game's Patreon page.

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