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Bailey’s lifelong love of adventure games began with the Nancy Drew game Message in a Haunted Mansion, when she learned that you can drop chandeliers on bad people without getting in trouble, and has since expanded to include a panoply of other favorites like the Myst games, the Monkey Island series, any game involving Sherlock Holmes, the Tomb Raider franchise, and the all-time best adventure game ever created, Grim Fandango. She's added more recent releases like Firewatch and Life is Strange to her list but nonetheless loves diving into the old classics. She still spends large amounts of time searching for secret passages in the hope of finding an unsolved mystery lurking out of sight. Bailey graduated from Oberlin College and lived in New York City for three years before returning to her hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she is a business development representative for a trucking software company. In addition to hoarding adventure games, her other interests include film, cooking, running, writing fiction, and eating copiously. 
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  • As a period piece, A Case of Distrust is well-researched and lushly imagined. As a mystery, it’s surprisingly (and probably to some, disappointingly) easy to follow.
    Genre: MysteryRelease date: February 8, 2018 The Roaring Twenties are a rich time in our
    03/23/18 | Review | by Bailey James
  • The developers have managed to emulate different methods of communication that represent the many selves that can inhabit one person (and her device) in different circumstances and with different people
    Genre: Puzzle/MysteryRelease date: September 21, 2017 In 2017, the French game studio Acc
    03/16/18 | Review | by Bailey James
  • A charming and loyal depiction of Hercule Poirot, and fans will enjoy getting to step into the detective’s shoes
    As of February 7, 2018, this game is available from the JA Store for $14.99   Genre: Point-an
    02/08/18 | Review | by Bailey James
  • Shiver could have used more: more narrative development, more attention to themes, more gameplay, more cohesion. But the developers at Kowai Sugoi Studios show promise, and I think they will deliver more in future endeavors.
    Genre: Point-and-Click Horror AdventureRelease date: October 25, 2017 October seems to de
    10/30/17 | Review | by Bailey James
  • Dekker prominently bills itself as a “Lovecraftian murder mystery,” so it’s not much of a spoiler to reveal that the game doesn’t plant its feet firmly in reality. It’s not exactly a horror game, but it has surreal, dark elements that tangle themselves into the narrative
    Genre: FMV Murder Mystery Release date: May 19, 2017 Chances are if you’ve played many
    08/27/17 | Review | by Bailey James
  • A young woman has been murdered and all the evidence points to you... But did you do it? Yes. You did.
    Genre: Murder mystery (with a twist) Release date: July 21, 2016  It is Paris, 1894.
    03/03/17 | Review | by Bailey James
  • Hidden Folks uses visual creativity and ingenious sound effects to make a gameplay experience that is calming and amusing
    Genre: Puzzle Release date: February 15, 2017 Anyone who’s dipped a toe in the waters o
    02/24/17 | Review | by Bailey James
  • At $2.99 for 1.5-2 hours of playtime, I can heartily recommend A Normal Lost Phone as a quick story that might pique deeper questions about personal communication and your own use of technology (or at least encourage you to add a lock-screen password to your personal devices)
    “What if you found a phone?,” the development studio Accidental Queens asks in the trailer for t
    02/19/17 | Review | by Bailey James
  • The influences of the Monkey Island series play out here in the whimsical architecture and inventive character designs that lend the game its sense of playfulness
    Genre: Point-and-Click Adventure Release date: October 6, 2016  Venture Moon Industr
    02/14/17 | Review | by Bailey James
  • The start of the third season finds us several years after the initial undead outbreak and with a new hero, Javi
    Genre: Horror Adventure Release date: December 20, 2016 Telltale’s The Walking Dead series w
    01/24/17 | Review | by Bailey James
  • A stupefyingly dull pastiche of fragments from better games that all blend together to create something formless
    Genre: AdventureRelease date: September 2, 2016 Some games tell unique and inventive stor
    11/03/16 | Review | by Bailey James
  • If you’re a fine-art fanatic who also happens to own an HTC Vive, you’ll probably delight in Firebird - La Péri
    Genre: Adventure, Virtual RealityRelease date: August 19, 2016 Firebird: La Péri, develo
    09/06/16 | Review | by Bailey James
  • No story and cheesy “ending.” Poor graphics and sound design with unimaginative puzzles and technical glitches.
    Genre: Adventure, VRRelease date: July 15, 2016 Whether Virtual Reality gaming will devel
    08/10/16 | Review | by Bailey James
  • Every laugh or moment of enjoyment this game wrung out of me was unintentional.
    Genre: Adventure Release date: March 30, 2016 Crystal Rift, developed by Psytec Games, is the
    04/27/16 | Review | by Bailey James
  • The game is unpleasant to play, is poorly paced, and ultimately reads like a dated examination of a mental health issue
    Genre: Exploration AdventureRelease date: February 26, 2016 (Windows/Mac) Explorations of mental he
    04/19/16 | Review | by Bailey James
  • Sorcery! Parts 1 & 2 is like being transported back in time to my high school days, when long afternoons slipped away on the words of a clever Dungeon Master with a dark agenda
    Genre: Adventure, RPGRelease date: February 2, 2016 Picking up Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! Part
    03/13/16 | Review | by Bailey James
  • Everything from its arresting visuals and offbeat characters to its intuitive gameplay and compelling story has been executed flawlessly
    Genre: AdventureRelease date: February 8, 2016 Making a truly remarkable video game is an impr
    02/08/16 | Review | by Bailey James
  • Weeks after the final episode dropped I’m still dwelling on these characters
    Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure Release date: October 20, 2015 After many, many months of wai
    12/21/15 | Review | by Bailey James
  • If you’re in the market for a mobile puzzle game, Leonardo’s Cat is a sure-fire bet
    Genre: Platform, Puzzle Release date: November 3, 2015 In a marketplace flooded with cheap, slapdas
    11/29/15 | Review | by Bailey James
  • A game with staying power, both in the nightmares it will cause and the lingering questions it demands players to confront
    Genre: Horror Adventure Release date: September 21, 2015 Any horror-loving PC gamer who devoured Am
    11/06/15 | Review | by Bailey James
  • Life Is Strange is building toward a thrilling and dramatic conclusion, but the choices in Ep 4 aren’t as nuanced or difficult as they have been in the past.
    Genre: Point-And-Click AdventureRelease date: July 28, 2015 The force of nature that is Life I
    09/07/15 | Review | by Bailey James
  • A shrug-worthy project that isn’t worth the short time you’ll spend fussing with it, much less the five bucks you’ll have to shell out.
    Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure Release date: May 28, 2015 Please, Don’t Touch An
    08/12/15 | Review | by Bailey James
  • It takes a special kind of dedication to steer this runaway plot down the many dead ends and pointless side paths.
    Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure Release date: July 21, 2015 Episode 5 of Telltale
    07/30/15 | Review | by Bailey James
  • Her Story is diverting and well-made, and is definitely worth checking out if you’re in the mood for a story unusually told.
    Genre: Visual Novel, Adventure Release date: June 24, 2015 Editor's Note: This revie
    07/08/15 | Review | by Bailey James
  • The third episode completely lives up to the mastery of the first two.
    Genre: Point-And-Click AdventureRelease date: May 19, 2015 Every time a new episode of Dontnod
    07/05/15 | Review | by Bailey James
  • Despite all it aspires to and gets right, the gameplay is where Kholat completely falls apart.
    Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure Release date: June 9, 2015 I had high hopes for Kho
    06/22/15 | Review | by Bailey James
  • Sons of Winter is hobbled by the same failings as its predecessors.
    Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure Release date: May 26, 2015 Note: Spoilers appear in
    06/12/15 | Review | by Bailey James
  • Veteran fans will be satiated and newcomers piqued by this chilly, devious case.
    Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure Release date: May 19, 2015 Nancy Drew isn’t new t
    05/27/15 | Review | by Bailey James
  • Worth playing if you’re looking for a shot of horror on a Friday night.
    Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure Release date: April 16, 2015 You may have already h
    05/10/15 | Review | by Bailey James
  • Episode Two maintains the momentum and intensity of the beginning beautifully.
    Genre: Point-And-Click AdventureRelease date: March 24, 2015 The first episode of Dontnod Ente
    04/16/15 | Review | by Bailey James
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