Saucer-Like Has Launched
Saucer-Like Has Launched
A unique adventure with classic point-and-click gameplay and a captivating story from Fosfatina and Tizona Interactive
Posted: 04/07/17 | Category: News | Platform: Mac, Windows

More info:
Saucer-Like Has Landed on Greenlight - November 18, 2016 

In Saucer-Like, you'll step into the shoes of Yanagi, a young boy who must undertake an ancient ritual. Once it begins, there is no turning back. He must follow it all the way to the end.


Set in medieval Japan, Saucer-Like surrounds the player with an atmosphere that's somewhere between dark fantasy and the twilight surrealism of Michael Ende  (The Neverending Story). Its narrative is immersive and absorbing.

From Fosfatina and Tizona Interactive, Saucer-Like is now available on Steam for Windows (a Mac version will follow in approximately one month). It will carry a 10% discount until April 12th.


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