INFRA Has Become Complete with INFRA: Complete Edition, aka INFRA Part 3
INFRA Has Become Complete with INFRA: Complete Edition, aka INFRA Part 3
The entire futuristic adventure from Finland's Loiste Interactive is now available
Posted: 09/30/17 | Category: News | Platform: Windows

INFRA is a first-person puzzle adventure that deals with the issue of deteriorating infrastructure. As a structural analyst, the player will travel through abandoned factories, forgotten tunnels and unsafe buildings in a dangerous, crumbling industrial city and its surrounding rural areas. As environmental puzzles are solved, a story of corruption and deception is unraveled.

When I started covering INFRA back in January 2014, I was under the impression it would be a single, self-contained game. This belief carried over to my second article in July 2014.

But then, in March 2016, JA did a video review of Infra Part 1. At that time, it appeared that there would be a Part 2.

In August 2016, it was announced that INFRA Part 2 would be split into two parts -- with Part 2 coming "soon."

According to the game's official history, Part 2 was released September 24, 2016 as a free update.

I'll defer to direct quotes from Loiste Interactive for these next parts...

Through INFRA complete that was published in Steam net store on September 27th at 19.00CET INFRA PC game has become complete. Based on the sales of the previous releases INFRA part one and INFRA part the game is selling well amongst its target group. The three parts are now sold as one package for campaign price 19,99$. For anyone, who has bought the game before, the completing part is a free update.

Oskari Samiola, CEO, Loiste Interactive: After completion, INFRA is one of the longest first-person games released over the past couple of years. The game includes about 50 maps and from start to end playtime will average around 50 hours. Every map is unique in terms of environment and puzzles. Replay value is also significant. The game has depth, since there is a lot to find out and solve.

The game includes rich worlds, in which environments and functionalities are complex, realistic and entertaining, as described by players of INFRA parts one and two. High quality of the consumer game provides a solid basis for the company’s new business, so called utility games.

Dr. Iiro Jussila, Chairman of the Board, Loiste Interactive: We will continue to create games like INFRA to consumers. However, we are now focusing our attention to organizations dealing with infrastructure. We assist companies and cities in making use of digitalization and virtualization. Our added value to business development and the execution of public service comes in the form of visualizations and simulations that may be used for example in decision-making, risk management, identity construction, training and promotion of efficiency.

So...the complete version of INFRA for Windows is now available on Steam.

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